Todd Skipworth


Todd is still holding on to the dream of one day becoming an athlete. In the mean-time he spends his days developing his understanding of what he considers a unique challenge, in developing a diverse business portfolio that includes businesses based around his passion for sport, health and fitness. Starting an innovative boutique fitness studio with his partner Emily. Along with a passionate team of instructors and fitness professionals a once small studio has grown to multiple locations and continues to expand, innovate and change the landscape of the fitness industry. He believes you never stop learning and is equally if not more enthusiastic to learn as he is to teach. He co-founded skipdu with Glen in 2017 and the pair set about forever changing the way we view sports and events on a global scale. Working towards a vision that sees every race promoter realise the absolute potential of their respective event. Having a lifelong affinity with water, he has always dreamt of the opportunity to work in the water sports industry and is keen to see where his newest venture flows. He believes teamwork is the key to success in every aspect of life and strives to be a positive and valuable member of every team he is involved in.